WeChat Usage

WeChat Usage

WeChat Usage
WeChat Usage

Password Renewal:

If you forget your password in the WeChat application for IOS, you can create a new password by following the instructions below.

We’re running the app. Have you forgotten your password on the screen requested by your account information? We use the connection. Otherwise, if you have registered with an e-mail address on the system, you can use the reset password option. Otherwise, we enter the code you received via SMS. When we log out, the app wants to set a new password.

Getting QR code at WeChat:

You can follow the instructions below to find out how the QR code is used in the WeChat application we use on our iOS device.

We’re running the app. We are entering the Explore> QR Code Scan screen. We can see our QR Code by clicking on the QR Code written in blue on the screen.

WeChat friend Radar:

When you click on a person or icon that is friends in the WeChat app for iOS, we press Add Friend and you are going out. We are living the story with Friend Radar, which enters our radar of friends and friends.

WeChat’te hiding the phone number:

For iOS devices, you can hide phone numbers using the WeChat application. We’re running the app. We click on the Ben tab in the bottom right corner. We’re clicking on the Privacy link in Settings. You made me inactive by phone number inspections.

WeChat Usage
WeChat Usage

WeChat Shake:

along with the WeChat application installed on iOS devices, means that these features do not steal or are unscrupulous when they do not.

WeChat Shake usage:

The way to run the shake tool, which is an important area of ​​the WeChat app for iOS devices. We’re running the app. We’re pushing the shake control. You can send a greeting to open the measuring phone, turn the waxes and shake.

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