WeChat Security Problemi

WeChat Security Problemi
WeChat Security Problemi
WeChat Security Problemi

    One of our users asked a question about WeChat security problem: “I can not subscribe to WeChat, I’m just in the security check. Why? “Because we have deleted our questions and our answers, we will post answers and journals. here. Do not hesitate to comment on this page if you have any problems with WeChat security issues.
The problem is not about validation. If your problem concerns the verification of your friend, you should check the following address: WeChat Request Friend to Verify Account.
Why Does WeChat Stay Safe?
How to Fix WeChat Security Issue
2 Other Solutions to Stop WeChat in Security Check for Problems
Resolve WeChat Security Issue

How to Fix WeChat Security Issue:
First check if there are applications running on the backplane. You can use a cleaner application for this. Samsung devices usually have this feature. If you are using an antivirus or antimalware program / application on your phone, please disable it for a while until the registration is complete.
Clear the data and cache of the Wechat application and try logging in again. How to Clean WeChat Data
Try reinstalling the application. How to Reinstall WeChat
If you can not solve the problem with these steps, please contact the WeChat support team as Laurana says (please go to Laurana’s post and check out the steps to contact WeChat Personelle). However, step 5 should be “Other” instead of “Can not get SMS code”.

Other Solutions to Stop WeChat on Security Check for Problems
Online Question & Answer Chat How are you?
I agree that the security check means verification.
WeChat officially said there are some reasons for this problem.

    Use a VPN or Proxy service on your phone or another application that will help you to have a fake one. Solution: Remove these apps from your device and try registering WeChat again.
You have chosen the wrong country when prompted. Solution: Check your phone number. You do not need to enter the country code after you select your country.Check your chosen country twice.
Do you have any antivirus or security applications on your phone? WeChat also announced that such applications can block the verification message. Please disable it and try again. Solution: Disable these protection applications for a period of time, or remove them during registration. After signing up, reload or activate these apps.
     You have reached the SMS verification limit. You can ask for a verification code for limited numbers. If you do, you will have to wait 24 hours. Nothing about it will change.(Re-verification will not help you because your number will be forbidden for 24 hours, not the device …) Solution: Unfortunately there is no solution for this. We need to wait 24 hours.
See Also: WeChat Verification Limit Up

Resolve WeChat Security Issue:
    If your problem is not one of the problems mentioned above, please do the following:
Try registering with WeChat on another phone with the same phone number. Remove your existing SIM card from your phone, put it on another phone, and try to register WeChat. If that did not work for you:


WeChat Security Problemi
WeChat Security Problemi

  Select your operating system from the platform section. (Android, iOS, WM, etc.)
  Select your country from the Country section.
  In the Specific categories section, select “Can not Login”.
  In the next section of the categories, select “Can not get SMS code”.
  Describe the problem with a few words in the description.
  Type your phone number in the first field of step 2.
  Type your email address in the email field.
  Submit the form. 

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