The social media world continues to grow and differentiate with its users. Our new position is Periscope. In fact, similar applications like Youtube and especially Meerkat, although very interesting in our country. It was a great advantage to take interest by offering it through Twitter. The fact that some celebrities in our country started using Periscope increased the interest of sharing live broadcasts. Initially starting with iOS only, Periscope accelerated the re-entry of the Android markete in the last week of May. As social media users, we are exploring for now. All of the first discoverers seem happy with a growing number of viewers as well as full-fledged systems. In fact, our publications already existed in texts and visuals on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (auto publishing except companies) platforms. However, our followers did not see whether we were alive or not. With Periscope, we have benefited from this mystery. We will see how different ideas will emerge over time. Perhaps we could be the first social speaker to broadcast our own news program live every evening.

  About Periscope:

Periscope is a live broadcast preparation and monitoring application that can be used by iOS and Android users. Thanks to Periscope, Twitter members can start any live broadcast program and search for their followers with this live broadcast. From a technical point of view, live broadcasts allow Ttwitter users to broadcast or view unlimited broadcasts without first connecting to the 140-character limit.

Periscope Use:

To use Periscope, you first need to have a Twitter account. If you have a Twitter account, you can start watching the broadcasts after downloading the Periscope app from the App Store or Google Play, or you can start a live broadcast by adjusting your own broadcast by touching the camera icon below the app. . With privacy settings, you can only allow certain people to view your broadcast. In addition, thanks to the settings offered by Periscope, you can save your live broadcast synchronously to your smartphone’s memory and then use it to broadcast on different platforms.

    Brief information about the Periscope user manual:

Initially, enter your phone’s app store and type Periscope to complete the installation process.

It must be our Twitter account. If you do not have a Twitter account, we can call Periscope.

Once you have logged into your Twitter account, confirm the Periscope Disallow option and specify a username for yourself.

If we managed to become a member, we could see a red-white round camera mark on the bottom right corner. We touch it to broadcast.

It is called the Publication Publication Title (CT). You can think of it as a name for a television program.

When broadcasting with any of the information technologies, we can broadcast live broadcasts to people we have selected privately.

Just below the BT field, we can choose your preferred location to post comments, post comments, and share with Twitter.

After we start, we can easily start with big productions and even live productions made with koskoca TV channels.

In the upper section, you can see your profile, the live broadcasts of the people you follow, and popular live broadcasts from around the world.

Periscope allows us to communicate with our viewers during comments and live broadcasts that are heart mail. But hearts and comments may become difficult when flying.

An important feature is that we can record live broadcasts in our phone gallery. We can not see the hearts and comments of the newly recorded video. For this, we can save the screen on our screen, especially if you have a phone.


As we can broadcast to our general followers, it is only possible to broadcast to the selected person.

That’s all for now. Maybe even when we write this article, new developments may have come to fruition. Stay in follow.

Periscope warns us in the publications of these people after we decide who we are going to follow. If we hear the sound on the screen, if not available, we can watch the video in 1 day. However, the 1 day video is off. If you are a friend and you absolutely want to follow it, we can ask if you sent it and saved it. They say that the solutions in the technology are not running out. You can click here to see our articles on different chat sites.

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