Facebook Ice Cream Synchronization

Facebook Ice Cream Synchronization

Facebook Ice Cream
Facebook Ice Cream

Some people are really spending a lot of time on Facebook, which has reached billions of users, and some people want to freeze for a short time or decide to shut down. When faced with this situation, many people do not know what to do or how to do it. We are involved in this issue. I would like to tell you in a short and clear way how to freeze and close your Facebook.

I’m telling you right now.

First we enter Facebook Synchronization

Enter the Profile section.

Click on Settings. (We’re going down)

We’re entering personal information.

Then enter the account section.

We call it freeze.

Enter your password.

Click on the Continue button.

There will be nine options.

Click here to have another account.

We’re going down, we say stop email from Facebook.

Facebook Ice Cream
Facebook Ice Cream

You can also close your Messenger account. If you don’t want to. Messenger do not want to close. We mark the box. After performing this process, you close your personal account by freezing your account.

If you would like to open your account later, you can open it again by typing your email and password. What you need to do is simple. You should follow step by step for their future. Stay tuned for those who want to learn how to turn off Messenger. I will tell you the next or soon after. I’m happy to help you my precious followers. To freeze and open different accounts, click here to see some of our applications.

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